Student Sponsorship (Hurricane Harvey)

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Our school sustained a very high degree of damage during hurricane Harvey.  Our enrollment is about 160 students from PreK thorugh 8th grade.  Many of our students and teachers have also sustained damage to their homes.  Some had to be rescued by boat or helicopter.  Many are in shelters or living with relatives.  Our school was insured, but facing unimaginable deductible costs.  The building received about 8-9 inches of flood water and the roof is leaking throughout.  Because of health reasons, everything that was wet must be condemned.  Luckily, before we left school, we had all students put all textbooks and personal belongings on top of their desks and in the top lockers.  The loss of those items were minimal.  All of the furniture, desks, chairs, flooring, including gym floor, bleachers, and two annex classrooms will need to be completely replaced.  We are currently accepting tax deductible donations in any amount.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  God bless!


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